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since no stargate game ever gets really playable........no offence!
i decided to make my own stargate game:P

This map contains:
a spaceship
many secret passages
4 Stargates, which are usable in a real gatenetwork
4 different worlds, each with their own secrets! especially Abydos ^ ^
and much more !!!!! it could write them down but i am a bit lazy ^ ^

some screens:

Map is not completely finished yet! Release date is on 01/30/2012!
ON THIS SITE: http://mach-creation.com/viewtopic-870-p1.html
So get rdy!

I know the screens dont show much: P but believe me I worked on this about 4 months and there is plenty to see!

So what do you think? you want it? ^ ^ tell me!

temple is huge inside planed to make a video but it would ruin the suprise:P

also the temple includes a ring transporter:P and btw i know that garry mod has a stargate.....but i did this just with CSS....no extra stuff needed......so this map has its own .......lets just call it touch:P i wanted to be able to say that i did that all by myself you know? everyone could use the coded gates from garry........my gate network took 2weeks to figure out how to do it and to kill every failures......
and just to let u know the gates open itselffröhlich they dont look like that the whole time and for all the destruction lovers:P it has got a lot of destroyable partsfröhlich
and not only that! every planet has its own traps, crazy functions and the spaceship is a jumper i know its not like "stargate the new enemy" or other games but i didnt found a map with such capabilitys so i made this:P
map is compiling right now so maybe the final will be released even earlier......the compiling time needed is already just madness.....
24.01.2012 14:00:29 Zum letzten Beitrag
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X-Mas Arctic
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Wrong section?
25.01.2012 15:14:55 Zum letzten Beitrag
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