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 Thema: Ukraine Krieg - News Thread
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Herr der Lage

AUP Herr der Lage 16.10.2014
Russia will soon exhaust its combat capabilities, Western assessments predict | WaPo

Small shifts in territorial control matter less than the overall balance of forces, which analysts say could shift back in favor of Ukraine in the coming months.

The Russian military will soon exhaust its combat capabilities and be forced to bring its offensive in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region to a grinding halt, according to Western intelligence predictions and military experts.

The Russians still have the advantage over Ukrainian forces, who are suffering, too. Ukrainian officials put the number of their soldiers killed in action at as many as 200 a day. The Ukrainians have also almost entirely run out of the Soviet-era ammunition on which their own weapons systems rely, and they are still in the process of transitioning to Western systems.

But conditions for Ukrainian troops are only likely to improve as more sophisticated Western weapons arrive, while those of Russian forces can be expected to deteriorate as they dig deeper into their stocks of old, outdated equipment, said retired Gen. Ben Hodges, a former commander of U.S. forces in Europe who is now with the Center for European Policy Analysis. At some point in the coming months, the Ukrainians will have received enough Western weaponry that it is likely they will be able to go on the counteroffensive and reverse the tide of the war, he said.

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Herr der Lage

AUP Herr der Lage 16.10.2014
Commando Network Coordinates Flow of Weapons in Ukraine, Officials Say | NYT

Much of this work happens outside Ukraine, at bases in Germany, France and Britain, for example. But even as the Biden administration has declared it will not deploy American troops to Ukraine, some C.I.A. personnel have continued to operate in the country secretly, mostly in the capital, Kyiv, directing much of the vast amounts of intelligence the United States is sharing with Ukrainian forces, according to current and former officials.

At the same time, a few dozen commandos from other NATO countries, including Britain, France, Canada and Lithuania, also have been working inside Ukraine. The United States withdrew its own 150 military instructors before the war began in February, but commandos from these allies either remained or have gone in and out of the country since then, training and advising Ukrainian troops and providing an on-the-ground conduit for weapons and other aid, three U.S. officials said.

The C.I.A. officers operating in Ukraine have focused on directing the intelligence that the U.S. government has been providing the Ukrainian government. Most of their work has been in Kyiv, according to current and former officials.
While the U.S. government does not acknowledge that the C.I.A. is operating in Ukraine or any other country, the presence of the officers is well understood by Russia and other intelligence services around the world.

Still, former military officials who have been working with the Ukrainian military have expressed frustration with some of the training efforts.

For instance, Ukrainians have struggled to evacuate soldiers wounded at the front lines. The United States could step up front-line first-aid training and advise the Ukrainians on how to set up a network of intermediate mobile hospitals to stabilize the wounded and transport them, former officials said.

“They are losing 100 soldiers a day. That is almost like the height of the Vietnam War for us; it is terrible,” a former Trump administration official said. “And they are losing a lot of experienced people.”

Army Green Berets in Germany recently started medical training for Ukrainian troops, who were brought out of the country for the instruction, a U.S. military official said.

The lessons military planners are learning from the Ukraine invasion and what it means if the UK went to war with Russia | Sky

NATO and the Ministry of Defence will be studying the battlefields of Ukraine closely to work out what it would mean if British forces ever became involved in a fight with the Russians. These are among the lessons they will have learned so far.

1. The days of purely expeditionary conflicts are over
2. Russian tactics haven't changed in decades
3. Poor Russian planning meant the blitzkrieg approach was destined not to succeed
4. Drones and robots have become key to success
5. The space war has begun
6. Despite that, cyber has not been the threat it was anticipated to be
7. Failure to coordinate ground, air and sea forces is leaving the Russians exposed to attack
8. Behaving predictably can be dangerous
9. NATO and the UK may need more rocket launchers and advanced radar systems
10. A number of NATO's other Cold War assumptions still apply
11. UK and NATO planners need to be clear that Russia probably won't play by the rules
12. If Russia's tactics remain unchanged, the West needs to be mindful of what a future battlefield could look like
13. NATO needs to prepare for longer wars

26.06.2022 19:45:06  Zum letzten Beitrag
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e: nix.
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-=Q=- 8-BaLL

-=Q=- 8-BaLL
In a hugely unusual glimpse into a confidential telephone call between heads of state, French President Macron and his team were filmed during a final call with Vladimir Putin four days before he ordered Russia's invasion into Ukraine

"We did not convince him and he invaded Ukraine," Macron told the film makers. "I thought that we could find, through confidence and intellectual discussion, a path with Putin," he added.

27.06.2022 7:59:50  Zum letzten Beitrag
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AUP loliger_rofler 26.04.2021
E: sorry falscher Thread,
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AUP Maestro 24.06.2020
Bitte wieder mehr den Threadnamen schauen.
27.06.2022 10:36:53  Zum letzten Beitrag
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-=Q=- 8-BaLL

-=Q=- 8-BaLL
Russia in debt default as payment deadline passes

Russia is believed to have defaulted on its debt for the first time since 1998 after missing a key deadline.

Russia has the money to make a $100m payment, which was due on Sunday, but sanctions made it impossible to get the sum to international creditors.

27.06.2022 16:32:28  Zum letzten Beitrag
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-=Q=- 8-BaLL

-=Q=- 8-BaLL
Die Times hat sich mit dem deutschen Beschaffungswesen beschäftigt.

The Herculean labour of rebooting Germany’s military hardware in a matter of four years now falls largely to the occupants of a handsome old Prussian palace sitting on the conflux of the rivers Rhine and Moselle. This mansion in the medieval city of Koblenz is home to the high temple of German red tape, an authority that goes by one of the unwieldiest acronyms in officialdom: the BAAINBw, the national military procurement office.

ntil a few weeks ago every item of expenditure over €1,000, from boots and ration packs to electrical maintenance and multiple-launch rocket systems, had to be scrutinised to within an inch of its life by the agency’s 6,500 staff.

This process can be so fabulously complicated that the results often read like satire. The paratroopers have been waiting ten years for a new helmet that is already available in the US but must be scrupulously tested to ensure it fits the average German head.

Defence ministry insiders say the authorities wasted another eight years trying to develop the perfect military rucksack when they could simply have bought one off the shelf. “It was supposed to be the egg-laying woolly-milk-pig,” one said, using a colourful German expression that refers to a thing with an improbable range of functions.

More seriously, last year it was reported that dozens of warships and submarines charged with keeping the sea lanes open if the Kremlin invades the Baltic states had been fitted with cheap Russian-made navigation devices, raising the prospect that Moscow might be able to track their every move in real time.

The most notorious example is the Puma, the world’s most advanced and expensive infantry fighting vehicle (IFV), which ran four and a half years late and cost double its original €3 billion budget.

Part of the delay was caused by a change in the German rules on air pollution, which meant that the crew on the inside could be exposed to no higher concentration of smog than a pregnant woman in an ordinary office. Then it turned out that the officials in Koblenz had been concentrating so hard on the precise levels of soot that they failed to notice that the main 30mm gun could not always be fired accurately.

After all the adjustments the Puma proved to be too heavy for its designated transport aircraft. In the end it was redesigned once again so that its armour could be taken off in pieces, while transport pilots were told to cruise at an angle of five degrees to the horizontal in order to keep their bulky cargo aloft.

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AUP DeathCobra 24.06.2021


tldr: eigentlich bis auf weiteres egal.
27.06.2022 22:00:50  Zum letzten Beitrag
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AUP Peniskuh 03.12.2018
Türkei gibt Widerstand gegen NATO-Beitritt von Schweden und Finnland auf
Die Türkei hat zugestimmt, einen NATO-Beitritt von Finnland und Schweden zu unterstützen. Ankara werde während des NATO-Gipfels in Madrid die Einladung an Finnland und Schweden unterstützen, Bündnismitglied zu werden, teilte der finnische Präsident Niinistö mit. Ein entsprechendes Memorandum sei nach einem Treffen mit Präsident Erdogan unterzeichnet worden.

28.06.2022 20:35:13  Zum letzten Beitrag
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AUP loliger_rofler 26.04.2021
Wir liefern auch ein paar mehr Panzerhaubitzen:


Deutschland und die Niederlande werden der Ukraine zusammen sechs weitere Modelle der Panzerhaubitze 2000 liefern. Das sagten Verteidigungsministerin Christine Lambrecht und ihre niederländische Amtskollegin Kasja Ollongren am Rande des Nato-Gipfels in Madrid.

Spon ticker
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-=Q=- 8-BaLL

-=Q=- 8-BaLL
Russia's space agency published the coordinates of Western defence headquarters including the U.S. Pentagon and the venue of NATO's summit on Tuesday

Ja, krass?

29.06.2022 19:29:48  Zum letzten Beitrag
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AUP indifferent 21.03.2021
Und der nächste offene Brief der Intelektüllen folgt. Es geht mir nicht in die Birne, dass sowas Headliner bei der Zeit ist.

Tenor wie immer, spart euch den Klick, nur falls euch wundert wenn der Müll direkt wieder auf den Tisch kommt.

Waffenstillstand jetzt!

Die Verfasser dieses Appells fordern den Westen auf, den Ukraine-Krieg durch Verhandlungen zu beenden. Zu den Unterzeichnenden gehören Juli Zeh und Richard David Precht.

Bla bla blub
Hurr Durr
Herp Derp Durr

30.06.2022 0:18:09  Zum letzten Beitrag
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AUP loliger_rofler 26.04.2021

Russische Armee verkündet Rückzug von ukrainischer Schlangeninsel

Die russische Armee hat sich nach eigenen Angaben von der ukrainischen Schlangeninsel zurückgezogen. Die auf der Insel im Schwarzen Meer stationierten Soldaten seien als eine »Geste des guten Willens« abgezogen worden, teilte das Verteidigungsministerium mit. Der Schritt solle der Ukraine die Ausfuhr von Getreide ermöglichen.

SPON Ticker

Ob es sich jemand nicht mehr leisten kann, da Ressourcen zu opfern?
30.06.2022 11:07:28  Zum letzten Beitrag
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es scheint so. Jedenfalls gibt es laut Zeit Ticker gerade etwas ruhigere Töne:


Der stellvertretende Vorsitzende des russischen Sicherheitsrates, Dmitrij Medwedew, sagt, dass Sanktionen unter bestimmten Umständen als ein Akt der Aggression und eine Berechtigung für einen Krieg angesehen werden könnten: „Ich möchte noch einmal darauf hinweisen, dass solche feindseligen Maßnahmen unter bestimmten Umständen auch als ein Akt internationaler Aggression gewertet werden können. Und sogar als Casus Belli.“ Russland habe das Recht, sich zu verteidigen.
Russland ist laut Präsident Wladimir Putin offen für einen Dialog über strategische Stabilität, eine Beschränkung von Atomwaffen und Rüstungskontrolle. Dies würde aber eine „sorgfältige gemeinsame Arbeit“ erfordern und müsse darauf abzielen, eine Wiederholung dessen zu verhindern, „was heute im Donbass geschieht“, sagt Putin auf einem Forum in Sankt Petersburg.
Der russische Präsident Wladimir Putin hat der NATO „imperiale Ambitionen“ vorgeworfen und mit Drohungen auf die geplante Norderweiterung des Militärbündnisses reagiert. Mit einem Beitritt von Finnland und Schweden zur Allianz habe Russland „kein Problem“, sagte Putin am Mittwoch in der turkmenischen Hauptstadt Aschgabad - auf eine mögliche „Bedrohung“ durch den Ausbau militärischer Strukturen in beiden Ländern werde Moskau aber mit entsprechenden Gegenmaßnahmen reagieren.

kein Problem mit Natobeitritten, mit Sanktionen plötzlich doch ein Problem, Abrüstung und strategische Stabilität auf einmal wieder ein Thema über das man reden kann. Das alles plötzlich nach dem Verlust der Insel, und wo so langsam das schwere Gerät aus dem Westen ankommt. Hui. Muss nichts heißen, aber der Zeitpunkt ist schon erstaunlich.

Immerhin, eine Sache stimmt offenbar: Das was gerade im Donbass passiert sollte sich für die Russen nicht wiederholen, wenn sie beim Thema "strategische Stabilität" noch gefragt werden wollen.
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-=Q=- 8-BaLL

-=Q=- 8-BaLL
Russland hat nach einem ZDF-Interview des britischen Premierministers Boris Johnson mit Äußerungen über Präsident Wladimir Putin die britische Botschafterin einbestellt.

Die russische Regierung habe gegenüber Botschafterin Deborah Bronnert in Moskau Protest gegen "die offen beleidigenden Kommentare" eingelegt, erklärte das russische Außenministerium am Donnerstag.

Johnson hatte im ZDF heute journal am Dienstag gesagt, der russische Militäreinsatz in der Ukraine sei "ein perfektes Beispiel für toxische Männlichkeit". Johnson sagte außerdem

"Wenn Putin eine Frau wäre, so hätte er, glaube ich, nicht einen so verrückten, machohaften Krieg vom Zaun gebrochen."

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Twitter Link - Canadian Ukrainian Volunteer Account ist wohl ein Fake.
01.07.2022 16:49:08  Zum letzten Beitrag
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AUP loliger_rofler 26.04.2021
Zitat von DerKetzer

Twitter Link - Canadian Ukrainian Volunteer Account ist wohl ein Fake.

Auch hier schön aufgedröselt:

01.07.2022 16:50:39  Zum letzten Beitrag
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Herr der Lage

AUP Herr der Lage 16.10.2014
Advanced U.S. Arms Make a Mark in Ukraine War, Officials Say | NYT

The most advanced weapons that the United States has so far supplied Ukraine are making an impact in their first several days on the battlefield, destroying Russian ammunition depots and command centers, American and Ukrainian officials say. ...

Ukrainian soldiers are using their new weapon judiciously, firing one or two guided rockets at ammunition depots or command posts, often at night, and keeping them well away from the front lines to protect them, Pentagon officials and military analysts say.

“So far they seem to be a quite useful addition,” Rob Lee, a Russian military specialist at the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia and a former U.S. Marine officer, said of the systems. “They will help hinder further Russian advances, but they won’t necessarily mean Ukraine will be able to take back territory.” ...

A senior Pentagon official said this week that the Ukrainians appear to be employing the HIMARS with deadly effectiveness and that the four additional systems would be deployed in “the near future.” ...

Gen. Valeriy Zaluzhnyi, the top commander of Ukrainian forces, posted a video on the social media site Telegram of the HIMARS in use. “Artillerymen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine skillfully hit certain targets — the enemyʼs military facilities on our Ukrainian territory,” he said.

American officials said the Ukrainian statements were accurate, and Mr. Lee added that even Russian accounts acknowledged the HIMARS to be early successes.

“In general, it seems they respect them and realize they’re quite capable,” said Mr. Lee, citing a popular Russian Telegram channel whose posts are shared by Russian defense accounts.

Meet The Shadowy Ukrainian Unit That Sabotages Targets Inside Russia

Known as the Shaman Battalion, these Ukraine special operations troops infiltrate into Russian territory to strike key targets.

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02.07.2022 20:06:24  Zum letzten Beitrag
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Herr der Lage

AUP Herr der Lage 16.10.2014
U.S.-supplied HIMARS changing the calculus on Ukraine’s front lines | WaPo

The M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, commonly known as HIMARS, is one of four that Ukrainians received last month from the United States as part of a $700 million military aid package. The soldiers assigned to this one already adorned the inside with a picture of a scantily clad woman, an air freshener and rosary beads. The outside has three small black skulls stenciled on it — one for every target successfully hit.

“We actually have six,” said this system’s chief, whose call sign is Kuzya. “We just haven’t had a chance to add the other three yet.”

After public frustration over Western delays in transferring promised heavy weaponry, specifically multiple-launch rocket systems such as the HIMARS, the Ukrainians have quickly put their new hardware to work more than four months after Russia launched its full-scale invasion. Kuzya and his comrades said their targets so far have focused on Russian command posts — warehouses where enemy officers and weaponry were stationed.

Ill Prepared for Combat, Volunteers Die in Battles Far From Home | NYT

Many of the fighters for Ukraine’s western territorial defense units were assigned benign tasks away from the fighting when they first joined. Then they were called to the front to fight.

Yurii Brukhal, an electrician by trade, did not have a very dangerous role when he volunteered for Ukraine’s territorial defense forces at the start of the war. He was assigned to make deliveries and staff a checkpoint in the relative safety of his sleepy village.
Weeks later, his unit deployed from his home in the west to a frontline battle in eastern Ukraine, the center of the fiercest fighting against Russian forces. He was killed on June 10.

Volunteers to the country’s territorial defense forces, reserve units of Ukraine’s armed forces, were initially assigned unglamorous but safe tasks in relatively tranquil regions like western Ukraine, where the Russians did not invade. But severe losses of manpower in the Donbas region, where Russia is grinding forward with ferocious bombing and shelling, has forced Ukraine’s military to draw reinforcements from the West.

Many of the fighters like Mr. Brukhal, who had no previous military experience, are simply unprepared for that escalated level of fighting. And the training they receive is limited — sometimes two weeks or less.

Volunteers to the territorial defense group are not forced to redeploy with their unit, but many do, spurred by patriotism or a sense of duty, and perhaps a desire not to let down their comrades. And while they know it will be bad at the front, there is little to prepare them for the violence of frontline engagement, veteran soldiers say.

Revealing the hidden casualties of one elite Russian regiment in Ukraine - BBC Newsnight

Amid reports of low morale and high casualty numbers in Ukraine's Donbas, BBC Newsnight revisits Russia's 331st Guards Parachute Regiment, considered "the best of the best."

The Donbas has become a battle of attrition with high casualties on both sides, BBC Newsnight charts the impact of the war on the Russian side from the 331st regiment's home in Kostroma to the evolution of symbols painted on their tanks.

In April, we confirmed 39 soldiers had been killed but now BBC Newsnight estimates the total number of casualties to be between 400-500, almost half of the regiment's strength from the beginning of the war.

Die Ukraine braucht Waffen, keine Worte | NZZ

Der Westen hat an drei Gipfeln hintereinander Geschlossenheit gegenüber Putin demonstriert. Das ist gut, nur müssen den vielen Absichtserklärungen jetzt auch Taten folgen.

With all eyes on Ukraine, Vladimir Putin targets domestic dissidents | Atlantic Council

The Kremlin is now relying upon a distracted international community as Russia descends into full-blown totalitarianism. While support for Ukraine remains at the top of the international agenda, a faltering global economy and security concerns arising from the Russian invasion threaten to draw attention away from Putin’s violent excesses inside Russia itself.

Through his war of annihilation in Ukraine and increasingly ruthless suppression of all independent voices inside Russia itself, Putin is turning his country into what may be the twenty-first century’s most dangerous totalitarian state.

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03.07.2022 1:36:31  Zum letzten Beitrag
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-=Q=- 8-BaLL

-=Q=- 8-BaLL
How a Military Base in Illinois Helps Keep Weapons Flowing to Ukraine

The process begins when the government in Kyiv sends a request to a call center on an American base in Stuttgart, Germany, where a coalition of more than 40 nations coordinates the aid. Some of the orders are filled by a U.S. partner or ally, and the rest are handled by the United States — routed through U.S. European Command, which is also in Stuttgart, to Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III and Gen. Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who discuss them in weekly meetings with the service chiefs and combatant commanders.

If the desired items are available, and the combatant commanders decide that giving them to Ukraine will not unduly harm their own war plans, General Milley makes a recommendation to Mr. Austin, who in turn makes a recommendation to President Biden. If the president signs off, Transcom figures out how to move the aid to an airfield or port near Ukraine.


Most of the Pentagon’s military aid sent to Ukraine on ships goes to two German ports — one on the North Sea and the other on the Baltic.

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03.07.2022 15:47:34  Zum letzten Beitrag
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Herr der Lage

AUP Herr der Lage 16.10.2014
Lessons of Russia’s War in Ukraine: You Can’t Hide and Weapons Stockpiles Are Essential | WSJ

U.S., its allies study Europe’s biggest conflict in decades;
‘You can’t cyber your way across a river’

05.07.2022 1:18:49  Zum letzten Beitrag
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-=Q=- 8-BaLL

-=Q=- 8-BaLL
Finland and Sweden completed accession talks at NATO Headquarters in Brussels on Monday (4 July 2022)

Following the completion of the talks, Allies are due to sign the Accession Protocols for Finland and Sweden at NATO Headquarters on Tuesday (5 July 2022). The Accession Protocols will then go to all NATO countries for ratification, according to their national procedures.

05.07.2022 7:59:41  Zum letzten Beitrag
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-=Q=- 8-BaLL

-=Q=- 8-BaLL
‘Get the Stretcher!’ Life and Death on Ukraine’s Front Line

05.07.2022 18:12:58  Zum letzten Beitrag
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Herr der Lage

AUP Herr der Lage 16.10.2014
Russische Truppen sind dezimiert und erschöpft | Zeit

Nach Einschätzung des unabhängigen US-Thinktanks Institute for the Study of War (ISW) werden die russischen Einheiten, die in Sjewjerodonezk und Lyssytschansk gekämpft haben, tatsächlich eine solche Regenerierungsphase benötigen, bevor sie wieder groß angelegte Offensivoperationen durchführen können. Laut ISW sei jedoch nicht klar, ob das russische Militär die Risiken einer ausreichend langen Einsatzpause in Kauf nehmen werde. ...

Der ehemalige russische Militärkommandeur Igor Girkin, ein glühender russischer Nationalist, der während des Krieges im Donbass 2014 Kämpfer befehligte, veröffentlichte unterdessen auf seinem Telegram-Kanal eine vernichtende Kritik an der russischen Kriegsführung und stellte die Bedeutung der Einnahme von Lyssytschansk infrage. Seiner Meinung nach hätten die russischen Streitkräfte einen zu hohen Preis für einen begrenzten Gewinn gezahlt. ... Er wies nachdrücklich darauf hin, dass es ein großer Fehler der russischen Führung gewesen sei, die Schlacht zu den Bedingungen der Ukrainer zu akzeptieren. ...

Nach dem Verlust der östlichen Region Luhansk setzt die Ukraine laut einem führenden Berater von Präsident Wolodymyr Selenskyj auf eine Gegenoffensive im Süden des Landes. Die Einnahme der Städte Lyssytschansk und Sjewjerodonezk bedeute, dass 60 Prozent der russischen Streitkräfte im Osten gebunden seien und es für Russland schwierig sei, sie in den Süden zu verlegen, sagte Selenskyj-Berater Olexij Arestowytsch in einer Onlinevideobotschaft.
Zudem hätten die russischen Streitkräfte hohe Verluste erlitten. "Und es gibt keine Kräfte mehr, die aus Russland herangeschafft werden können. Sie haben einen hohen Preis für Sjewjerodonezk und Lyssytschansk bezahlt", sagte er. Ein erfolgreicher Gegenangriff auf russische Stellungen im Süden hänge aber auch von den zugesagten westlichen Waffenlieferungen ab, mit denen die Schlagkraft der ukrainischen Streitkräfte erheblich erhöht werden soll.

05.07.2022 18:34:34  Zum letzten Beitrag
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Jolly Roger

AUP Jolly Roger 26.07.2021
Das russische Militär hat nach eigenen Angaben zwei US-Raketenwerfer vom Typ Himars zerstört.

06.07.2022 20:34:02  Zum letzten Beitrag
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-=Q=- 8-BaLL

-=Q=- 8-BaLL
Zitat von Jolly Roger

Das russische Militär hat nach eigenen Angaben zwei US-Raketenwerfer vom Typ Himars zerstört.


Ukraine Disputes Russia’s Proofless Claim It Destroyed HIMARS Launchers

06.07.2022 22:39:34  Zum letzten Beitrag
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Herr der Lage

AUP Herr der Lage 16.10.2014
Ukraine targets Russia’s ammunition depots, undermining its artillery advantage | Kyiv Independent

Now that Ukraine has acquired advanced Western artillery and rocket systems, it has gradually begun a campaign to take out Russia’s key military infrastructure. Over the last four weeks, nearly 20 Russian ammunition depots in Russian-occupied Donbas and Ukraine’s south, including some of the largest, have been hit or completely destroyed. ...

Devastating strikes upon Russian command posts have become increasingly frequent since mid-June when Ukraine began using the first of four M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, or HIMARS, provided by the U.S., nearly a week before their arrival in Ukraine was publicly announced. ...

Ukrainian strikes upon Russian facilities continue on a daily basis.
As a result, by July 7, Russia had lost most of its key ammunition depots, and many of its smaller depots in occupied Donbas. Notably, many key targets as much as 50-80 kilometers into Russian-controlled territory have been successfully destroyed.

“One must clearly understand that the Soviet Union produced munitions enough to wage a thousand years of war,” says Igal Levin, a Ukraine-born Israeli defense expert.

“But — if all those forwarded bases, depots, repair facilities, all of the logistics chains are destroyed — they will have to deal with the need to bring supplies from beyond the Ural Mountains, then be thinking how to store and distribute them, how to bring munitions to artillery."

“So even if this does not shut up the Russian artillery completely, reducing its ability to deliver fire by 50%, to 3,000 rounds a day or even less, will be of a considerable effect on the battlefield.”

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Herr der Lage

AUP Herr der Lage 16.10.2014
Vladimir Putin Often Backs Down

The idea that Russia’s leader always fights to the finish is a myth.

Contrary to the commonly held belief, when faced with strength and resolve, Putin often backs down instead of responding with more escalatory steps.

Four More HIMARS Launchers Heading To Ukraine Bringing Total To 12

Another four M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, or HIMARS and additional ammunition for those systems, plus 1,000 rounds of high-precision 155 mm howitzer ammunition are heading to Ukraine as part of a $400 million Presidential Drawdown Authority (PDA) allocation signed by President Joe Biden Friday.

The latest drawdown by the Biden administration marks its 15th PDA for Ukraine since August 2021 and a total of about $8 billion in security assistance for that nation.

This latest PDA will bring to 12 the number of HIMARS the U.S. will have sent to Ukraine, a senior U.S. official told reporters Friday morning. Speaking on condition of anonymity, the official said that there were already eight of those systems operating in Ukraine now. The official said that contrary to Russian claims, none have been damaged or destroyed. ...

In addition to HIMARS, the U.S. will be sending 1,000 rounds of what the official said are 155 mm howitzer rounds that provide “greater precision” than standard shells for those systems. ... The official declined to answer repeated questions about whether the new high-precision rounds were the M982 Excalibur precision-guided 155mm artillery shell.

After a visit to Kyiv along with U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) to see Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn) said he supports providing Ukraine with, among other things, longer-range HIMARS rounds on the condition that Ukraine did not use these to attack Russian territory, according to Reuters.

Biden has so far declined to give Ukraine those longer-range HIMARS munitions, with a range of up to 190 miles, over worries that Ukraine would use them to strike deep into Russia. The U.S. Army currently fields such a round, called the Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS). ...

When asked about preclusions against Ukraine using the existing HIMARS systems, the senior U.S. official told reporters Friday morning that any targets inside Ukraine, including territories now occupied by Russia, are fair game.

Opinion | Biden’s Ukraine strategy risks prolonging a violent stalemate | WaPo

Ukrainian forces are fighting back valiantly, but they are still not receiving enough of the weapons that might give them the advantage — including long-range air defenses, longer-range artillery, heavy armor and fighter planes. The White House process of trying to parse which weapons would be “escalatory” is a recipe for a stalemate, Risch told me in an interview.

“If you are just giving weapons to fight to a stalemate, that’s not a good situation and that has consequences,” he said. “We need to be in or out. And if we are in, we need to give them what they need to win.”

Privately, several administration officials told me that the delays are not a result of any problem with the actual delivery of weapons. The core problem is the protracted hand-wringing inside the Biden policy team over each weapons decision. Risch said this is caused by a misguided concern that if Putin starts to lose badly, he might escalate further.

“As a result of that [the White House is] taking the middle path. And the middle path is the wrong path here,” he said. “They can win this, but they can’t do it themselves. They will provide the fight if we provide the weapons.”

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