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 Thema: Ukraine Krieg - News Thread
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heise.de - Lecks in Nord Stream 1 und 2: Warum der übernächste Winter noch schwieriger wird

Der aktuelle Gas-Speicherstand in Deutschland beträgt derzeit knapp 92 Prozent. Das hört sich gut an, doch gerade vor dem Hintergrund der drei Lecks in den Röhren der Gas-Pipeline Nord Stream 1 und 2 ist das nur eine trügerische Sicherheit. Selbst wenn das Gas für diesen Winter reichen sollte – die Ausgangslage für den Winter 2023/24 wird voraussichtlich noch schwieriger werden.

Der Blick auf die Kurven zeigt: Nur bei einer gleichzeitigen Senkung des Exports und des Verbrauchs um je 20 Prozent und einem erhöhten Import können die heutigen Füllstände im nächsten Sommer wieder erreicht werden. LNG-Einfuhren über deutsche Terminals mit einer Auslastung von 90 Prozent sind wohlgemerkt schon im Basisszenario enthalten. Es müssen für das optimistischste Szenario also weitere 15 Gigawatt an nicht-russischem Gas irgendwoher beschafft werden.

28.09.2022 23:21:16  Zum letzten Beitrag
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Herr der Lage

AUP Herr der Lage 16.10.2014
The war in Ukraine has reshaped the world’s fuel markets | Economist

From December, European countries will be banning seaborne [oil] imports from Russia. Those imports accounted for 1.9m b/d last January. Russian crude exports run at about 5m b/d, which makes this a significant loss. European sanctions do not apply to the smaller flow of oil, around 800,000 b/d, that arrives by pipeline, a loophole designed to keep landlocked Hungary happy. Seeing an opportunity to punish Europe and sow discord, Russia may cut the flow through pipelines anyway.

It can afford to consider this because Russian crude not sold to Europe can be sold elsewhere. ... That said, Russia is already getting less than top dollar; Urals crude is selling at 20% to 30% less than Brent crude, the global benchmark.

Next year, with little or no Russian oil, Europe may need even more from America, because the Gulf is running flat out. Weaker members of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), such as Iraq and Kuwait, are already producing less than the cartel has agreed they can. Only Saudi Arabia and the UAE have room to increase production, perhaps by 1.8m b/d between them. But they fear slowing growth may hinder oil demand; and they are reluctant to undermine Russia. Russia’s decision to join OPEC+, as the cartel’s extended version is known, in 2016 was the result of decades of effort on the part of the Arab producers.

Getting Iran back into the global market would help Europe a lot. It could rapidly increase its production capacity to nearly 4m b/d. But a deal that would suspend the heavy sanctions America has imposed on the Islamic Republic—the key to unlocking Iran’s supplies—looks increasingly unlikely. So next year it will be down to America to pump to the rescue. Which it might, if prices stay high long enough to tempt its shale oilmen to further open their taps.

29.09.2022 6:46:00  Zum letzten Beitrag
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AUP Bombur 24.06.2010
Zitat von -rantanplan-

Zehntausende demonstrieren in Tschechien gegen die Sanktionen


Einen Gastauftritt hatte die deutsche AfD-Europaabgeordnete Christine Anderson. »Ihr Kampf ist mein Kampf«, sagte die 54-Jährige.

Die haben doch alle inneren Reichsparteitag wenn sie »mein Kampf« sagen dürfen.
29.09.2022 20:53:54  Zum letzten Beitrag
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Herr der Lage

AUP Herr der Lage 16.10.2014
Russians Are Fleeing Putin’s Draft. But in Georgia, Few Are Happy About a Fresh Influx | Time

> I was spending a week in Tblisi when Putin's mobilization was announced.

A taxi driver charging Russians $100 each for rides from the border summed up the mood to me "I would kill them all if I could, but after I get their money.”

30.09.2022 4:40:10  Zum letzten Beitrag
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Herr der Lage

AUP Herr der Lage 16.10.2014
How the War in Ukraine Might End | New Yorker

In recent years, a small group of scholars has focussed on war-termination theory. They see reason to fear the possible outcomes in Ukraine.

Goemans was feeling more worried. Once again, his thoughts took him to the First World War. In 1917, Germany, faced with no hope of victory, decided to gamble for resurrection. It unleashed its secret weapon, the U-boat, to conduct unlimited operations on the high seas. The risk of the strategy was that it would bring the United States into the war; the hope was that it would choke off Great Britain and lead to victory. This was a “high variance” strategy, in Goemans’s words, meaning that it could lead to a great reward or a great calamity. In the event, it did lead to the U.S. entering the war, and the defeat of Germany, and the Kaiser’s removal from power.

In this situation, the secret weapon is nuclear. And its use carries with it the risk, again, of even greater involvement in the war by the U.S. But it could also, at least temporarily, halt the advance of the Ukrainian Army. If used effectively, it could even bring about a victory. “People get very excited about the front collapsing,” Goemans said. “But for me it’s, like, ‘Ah-h-h!’ ” At that point, Putin would really be trapped.

For the moment, Goemans still believes that the nuclear option is unlikely. And he believes that Ukraine will win the war. But that will also take a long time, at a cost of hundreds of thousands of lives.

Pentagon will double powerful HIMARS artillery for Ukraine | WaPo

The math of this war is unforgiving for Putin. Every time he escalates, the US — thanks to incredible commitment and bravery of Ukrainians — can counter at a fraction of the price. >

30.09.2022 13:18:41  Zum letzten Beitrag
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Die Ukraine hat offiziell ihren Antrag auf eine Nato-Mitgliedschaft eingereicht. Das teilte Präsident Wolodymyr Selenskyj mit.


Damn. peinlich/erstaunt
30.09.2022 16:36:36  Zum letzten Beitrag
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Herr der Lage

AUP Herr der Lage 16.10.2014
Statement from President Biden on Russia’s Attempts to Annex Ukrainian Territory

The United States condemns Russia’s fraudulent attempt today to annex sovereign Ukrainian territory. Russia is violating international law, trampling on the United Nations Charter, and showing its contempt for peaceful nations everywhere.

Make no mistake: these actions have no legitimacy. The United States will always honor Ukraine’s internationally recognized borders. We will continue to support Ukraine’s efforts to regain control of its territory by strengthening its hand militarily and diplomatically, including through the $1.1 billion in additional security assistance the United States announced this week.

In response to Russia’s phony claims of annexation, the United States, together with our Allies and partners, are announcing new sanctions today.

Putin’s Newest Annexation Is Dire for Russia Too | Atlantic

But this is not merely a war on Ukraine.
Putin’s war—Russia’s war—is also a war on a particular idea of world order and international law, an idea upheld not just by Europeans and North Americans, but by most of the rest of the world, indeed by the United Nations itself. One core principle of this world order is that larger countries should not be able to grab parts of smaller countries, that mass slaughter of whole populations is unacceptable, that borders have international significance and cannot be changed through violence or on one dictator’s whim. ...

Today’s annexation, along with the mobilization that has been launched to defend these occupied territories, has also been designed to increase that fear. The battle against independent thinkers is now expanding beyond Putin’s opponents and is reaching even Russians who felt too distant, too apathetic, or too afraid to protest in the past. If, once upon a time, the threat of the gulag was used to keep all Soviet citizens in a state of permanent fear, the threat of the war in Ukraine is now being used in exactly the same way against Putin’s subjects. The regime is now treating ordinary citizens exactly as if they were expendable prisoners, throwing untrained, poorly equipped men into the battlefield, where some are rumored to have already died. ...

But nothing lasts forever: “Your time will pass,” Navalny told his jailers last week. Kara-Murza, in a prison interview published this week, said the same thing: “None of us knows exactly how and when the Putin regime will end—but we know that it will.”

And they are right. We don’t know how and when it will end. Nor do we know what kind of regime will follow. But there is nothing predestined about Putinism or his form of kleptocratic autocracy. There is nothing “forever” about the annexation of territories that aren’t even under full Russian control, and none of the people who were at the annexation ceremony today will live forever either. Russia’s sham annexation of Ukrainian land will end, whatever false words are spoken this week.

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AUP [Skeletor] 15.01.2024
Putins Rede aufgedröselt.

I wish every single person in the West would listen to Putin's speech. Obviously, that won't happen so let me summarise as a professional translator for 10+ years. He states, as he has done from the outset, what his intentions and complaints are in the plainest terms possible.
01.10.2022 5:51:03  Zum letzten Beitrag
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Herr der Lage

AUP Herr der Lage 16.10.2014
Putin in the Bunker | Atlantic

Putin’s rant was meant to make the world quail in fear. In reality, Putin is likely more terrified than anyone right now: He’s a Russian dictator losing a war of aggression, and he knows how that could end for him.

What’s really going on here is that Putin, facing military collapse along the Ukrainian front, is desperately trying to deter Ukraine and its supporters from another round of offensives. He is trying to flip the script, to turn Russia from the aggressor into the defender, and to recast his botched adventure as the Great Patriotic War 2.0, a defense of the Motherland against fascist invaders. To do this, he has turned occupied Ukrainian territory into “Russia” and magically transformed subjugated Ukrainians into “Russians.”

We can’t let him get away with it. Many readers of The Atlantic know that I have for months counseled American caution and restraint while also supporting military aid and money for Ukraine. I still do. But Putin has now said that he is at war with everything that the nations of the world—including Russia—have built since the end of World War II. His demand is to be allowed to brutalize whomever he chooses and seize whatever he wants. His threat, no longer even barely veiled, is that if he is not allowed to run amok and create bloodbaths by fiat, he will use nuclear weapons.

We didn’t stand down in the face of the Soviet system that created this gangster, and we should not stand down now. As NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said today, Ukraine has every right to recover its own territory and free its people. If Putin’s position is that this is cause for an even wider and more reckless conflict, then it is his choice, not ours.

I will have more to say about all of this in a longer analysis. But for today, the threat against all of us—Ukraine and the rest of the world—continues to mount. Opposing this Russian attack on the international order might require great sacrifice, but we must face the reality that no community of free nations can survive if it acquiesces to blackmail.

What If Russia Uses Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine? | Atlantic

Vladimir Putin can determine if, when, and where a nuclear attack occurs in Ukraine. But he cannot control what happens after that. The consequences of that choice, the series of events that would soon unfold, are unknowable. According to The New York Times, the Biden administration has formed a Tiger Team of national-security officials to run war games on what to do if Russia uses a nuclear weapon. One thing is clear, after all my discussions with experts in the field: We must be ready for hard decisions, with uncertain outcomes, that nobody should ever have to make.

Ignore Putin’s fake referendums and keep helping Ukraine | Economist

Phoney polls conducted at gunpoint do not make Ukrainian land Russian

Mr Putin doubtless hopes that annexation will cause Ukraine’s supporters to fear that the risk has been cranked still higher, to a level where the West’s resolve will crack.

In this nerve-racking situation, it is worth remembering that the land Mr Putin is about to annex is not part of Russia. Moreover, surrendering to nuclear blackmail will only invite more of it. The West made that mistake in 2014 by, in effect, acquiescing to Mr Putin’s theft of Crimea from Ukraine. As one of Mr Putin’s predecessors said: “If you encounter mush, you proceed.”

If the risk of escalation is growing, it is not because of the charade of the referendums, but because Mr Putin is losing the war. He has always faced the problem that defeat would spell humiliation and possible overthrow. That is why he has repeatedly brandished the nuclear card since February. He could have gone nuclear before the referendum but, despite many setbacks, he has not. Equally, annexation would not oblige him to: it is better seen as a desperate attempt to signal that he means business.

What to do? America is right to have made plain that if Mr Putin fired a nuke, the consequences would be dire. Probably, they would involve nato directly using conventional weapons to destroy his bases and forces in Ukraine. The West should prevail upon China and India to make clear that they, too, would be against a nuclear strike.

Ukraine, meanwhile, should press on. Mr Putin last week ordered a panicky mobilisation of 300,000 troops, causing unhappiness in Russia and the emigration of hundreds of thousands of young men who wish to avoid the draft. Protests are spreading and some 20 recruitment offices have been attacked. Russia is making no real gains. It may even have resorted to the weird tactic of blowing up its own gas pipelines in the hope that this would scare the West. Despite Mr Putin’s threats, the West should keep helping Ukrainians to defend themselves.

Putins letzte Karte: Die Teilmobilmachung zeigt, wie eng der Spielraum des Kremlherrschers geworden ist | NZZ

Der Krieg in der Ukraine verläuft nicht so, wie sich Putin das gedacht hatte. Die Teilmobilmachung zeigt, dass die Ukraine Taktgeberin des Kriegs geworden ist. Und sogar der letzte Verbündete Russlands wendet sich ab.

Haben also doch die recht, die seit längerem schon fordern, Putin die Möglichkeit der politischen Gesichtswahrung zu lassen? Konkret hiesse das, dass die ukrainische Armee ihre Vorstösse an den Grenzen jener Gebiete stoppt, die in gefälschten und unter Zwang durchgeführten Abstimmungen für Russland optiert haben, dass man stattdessen in Waffenstillstandsverhandlungen eintritt und die russischen Annexionen akzeptiert.

Das wird die ukrainische Regierung jedoch mit Sicherheit nicht tun, und der Westen wird sie auch nicht dazu nötigen. Würde man sich nämlich auf das jetzige Kalkül der Russen einlassen, liefe das auf eine Vorlage für künftige Eroberungskriege hinaus, und das Verbot von Angriffskriegen in der Uno-Charta wäre das Papier nicht wert, auf dem es gedruckt ist. Vor allem wäre dann klar, dass die einzige Möglichkeit, sich gegen diese Form von Eroberungen zur Wehr zu setzen, die Beschaffung von eigenen Atomwaffen und die bedingungslose Bereitschaft zu deren Einsatz wären, weil auf Sicherheit durch Verträge, bei denen die Weltgemeinschaft der Garant ist, ja kein Verlass wäre.

Ein Taumel der Proliferation von Atomwaffen wäre die Folge. Die Anhänger eines schnellen Friedens in der Ukraine hätten dann den Frieden in globalem Massstab infrage gestellt, und die Beender der Nuklearkriegsdrohung hätten die Drohung mit dem Nuklearkrieg zu einem gewöhnlichen Bestandteil politischer Selbstbehauptung gemacht. Das ist das eigentlich Gefährliche an den gegenwärtigen Konstellationen.

Ohnehin spricht einiges dagegen, dass Putin mit seinen Drohungen Ernst macht: Erstens hat er das bei den ukrainischen Angriffen auf russische Kampfflugzeuge auf der Krim nicht getan, als ja auch aus Sicht des Kremls russisches Gebiet attackiert worden ist; zweitens warnt China, Russlands letzter relevanter Verbündeter, vor einer solchen Eskalation, was Putin nicht gleichgültig sein kann, und drittens hat US-Präsident Joe Biden für diesen Fall weitreichende Reaktionen des Westens angedroht. Putin hat sich in eine Lage manövriert, in der seine Spielräume sehr, sehr eng geworden sind.

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Herr der Lage

AUP Herr der Lage 16.10.2014
Wie man Nord Stream reparieren könnte | Spektrum

Unzählige Pipelines wie Nord Stream liegen in den Meeren - Korrosion und Unfälle verursachen immer wieder Schäden. Reparieren kann man die Leitungen gleich auf mehrere Arten. Das geht sowohl über als auch unter Wasser.

Die Umstände bei Nord Stream mögen ungewöhnlich sein, aber dass untermeerische Pipelines beschädigt werden, ist beinahe Alltag. Korrosion durch Salzwasser kann Lecks verursachen, und immer wieder kommt es zu Unfällen durch die kommerzielle Schifffahrt. Auch die Rohre von Nord Stream liegen unter einigen der am stärksten befahrenen Schiffsrouten der Welt. Deswegen gibt es für Pipelines ausgeklügelte Schutzmaßnahmen, Reparaturtechniken und schon beim Bau der Leitungen formuliert man Pläne für den Umgang mit Lecks und Unfällen.

01.10.2022 18:07:06  Zum letzten Beitrag
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-=Q=- 8-BaLL

-=Q=- 8-BaLL
What If Russia Uses Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine?

If Putin decides to attack Ukraine with shorter-range, “tactical” nuclear weapons, they will have to be removed from an Object S site—such as Belgorod-22, just 25 miles from the Ukrainian border—and transported to military bases. It will take hours for the weapons to be made combat-ready, for warheads to be mated with cruise missiles or ballistic missiles, for hydrogen bombs to be loaded on planes. The United States will most likely observe the movement of these weapons in real time: by means of satellite surveillance, cameras hidden beside the road, local agents with binoculars. And that will raise a question of existential importance: What should the United States do?

Das sind echt "interessante" Planspiele.

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03.10.2022 0:16:34  Zum letzten Beitrag
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-=Q=- 8-BaLL

-=Q=- 8-BaLL
Snyder mit ein paar Überlegungen.

How does the Russo-Ukrainian War end?

Here I would like to suggest just one plausible scenario that could emerge in the next few weeks and months. Of course there are others. It is important, though, to start directing our thoughts towards some of the more probable variants. The scenario that I will propose here is that a Russian conventional defeat in Ukraine is merging imperceptibly into a Russian power struggle, which in turn will require a Russian withdrawal from Ukraine. This is, historically speaking, a very familiar chain of events.

06.10.2022 17:07:53  Zum letzten Beitrag
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-=Q=- 8-BaLL

-=Q=- 8-BaLL
A member of Vladimir Putin’s inner circle has voiced disagreement directly to the Russian president in recent weeks over his handling of the war in Ukraine, according to information obtained by U.S. intelligence.

The criticism marks the clearest indication yet of turmoil within Russia’s leadership over the stewardship of a war that has gone disastrously wrong for Moscow

07.10.2022 17:19:32  Zum letzten Beitrag
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Herr der Lage

AUP Herr der Lage 16.10.2014

The so called annexations are worse than a crime, they are a mistake. A cliché, but true. As Moshes points out, Putin has destabilised the borders of his own country, a key feature of failed states historically. This will haunt Russia for a long time to come.


Whatever Russia thought it was doing with its invalid annexations, the effect is to baffle itself and everyone else, and make its threats seem hollow. So I write here:

Russia’s annexations in Ukraine are a legal and strategic mess | Economist

Suddenly no one knows where Vladimir Putin thinks Russia’s borders are

“For the first time since I don’t know what century, Russia doesn’t have recognised borders on its western side,” says Arkady Moshes, a Russian academic at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs. “If we think about Ukraine crossing into some areas but not into others, where do we draw the line?”


In an effort to simultaneously comply with Russian law and get around the issue that even the Kremlin isn’t actually sure which Ukrainian territories it has actually ‘annexed,’ Yandex Maps is no longer showing any international borders…

While international borders had been coming and going (seemingly location-dependent) since June, now even regional and city boundaries have been removed.

"We continue to develop a physical & geographical map with an emphasis on natural objects," Yandex says.

Ukraine: The critical moment has arrived | Politico

Putin has laid all his cards on the table — and we mustn’t be cowed by the bluster of a bully who knows he’s losing.

Delivered amid deranged bombast regarding the “satanic” West, this was Putin’s latest attempt to regain the initiative and deflect attention from the fact that he’s losing his disastrous war — to a humiliating extent. Announcing the mobilization of 300,000 reserve troops last week was as close as he could come to admitting he’s losing. And the now familiar threats to use nuclear weapons can also be seen in this context.

Evidently, the critical moment has arrived.

Putin has laid all his cards on the table — and we mustn’t be cowed by the bluster of a bully who knows he’s losing. Instead, we must intensify support for Ukraine and give it what it needs to ensure Putin’s defeat.

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08.10.2022 8:05:00  Zum letzten Beitrag
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The sole bridge linking Crimea with Russia is damaged by fire after an explosion.


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08.10.2022 9:59:39  Zum letzten Beitrag
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AUP Phillinger 11.02.2013
Wegen möglicher Eskalation: Musk blockiert wohl Starlink für Ukraine auf Krim

Elon Musk will Starlink nicht für das ukrainische Militär auf die Krim ausweiten. Er befürchtet, dass dies den Ukraine-Krieg weiter anheizen könnte.

[Dieser Beitrag wurde 1 mal editiert; zum letzten Mal von Phillinger am 13.10.2022 8:23]
13.10.2022 8:23:04  Zum letzten Beitrag
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AUP loliger_rofler 08.03.2009
Zitat von Phillinger

Wegen möglicher Eskalation: Musk blockiert wohl Starlink für Ukraine auf Krim

Elon Musk will Starlink nicht für das ukrainische Militär auf die Krim ausweiten. Er befürchtet, dass dies den Ukraine-Krieg weiter anheizen könnte.


Lügenelon hat auch darüber gelogen dass er mit Putin niemals nie gesprochen hat:



Elon Musk Spoke to Putin Before Tweeting Ukraine Peace Plan: Report


Elon Musk spoke directly with Russian President Vladimir Putin before tweeting a proposal to end the war in Ukraine that would have seen territory permanently ceded to Russia, it has been claimed.
In a mailout sent to Eurasia Group subscribers, Ian Bremmer wrote that Tesla CEO Musk told him that Putin was prepared to negotiate, but only if Crimea remained Russian, if Ukraine accepted a form of permanent neutrality, and Ukraine recognised Russias annexation of Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia.

Er hat halt das narzisstische "Ich kann alles am besten"-Syndrom und verhandelt darum direkt mit Putin.

Unglaublicher Dummkopf.
13.10.2022 8:30:36  Zum letzten Beitrag
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-=Q=- 8-BaLL

-=Q=- 8-BaLL
Interview mit Selenskyj von Katrin Eigendorf (ZDF)

46 Min

13.10.2022 19:00:24  Zum letzten Beitrag
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Herr der Lage

AUP Herr der Lage 16.10.2014

Exclusive: Musk’s SpaceX says it can no longer pay for critical satellite services in Ukraine, asks Pentagon to pick up the tab | CNN

So far roughly 20,000 Starlink satellite units have been donated to Ukraine, with Musk tweeting on Friday the “operation has cost SpaceX $80 million and will exceed $100 million by the end of the year.”

But those charitable contributions could be coming to an end, as SpaceX has warned the Pentagon that it may stop funding the service in Ukraine unless the US military kicks in tens of millions of dollars per month.

Though Musk has received widespread acclaim and thanks for responding to requests for Starlink service to Ukraine right as the war was starting, in reality, the vast majority of the 20,000 terminals have received full or partial funding from outside sources, including the US government, the UK and Poland, according to the SpaceX letter to the Pentagon.

SpaceX’s request that the US military foot the bill has rankled top brass at the Pentagon, with one senior defense official telling CNN that SpaceX has “the gall to look like heroes” while having others pay so much and now presenting them with a bill for tens of millions per month.

The far more expensive part, however, is the ongoing connectivity. SpaceX says it has paid for about 70% of the service provided to Ukraine and claims to have offered that highest level – $4,500 a month – to all terminals in Ukraine despite the majority only having signed on for the cheaper $500 per month service.

The terminals themselves cost $1500 and $2500 for the two models sent to Ukraine, the documents say, while consumer models on Starlink’s website are far cheaper and service in Ukraine is just $60 per month.

That’s just 1.3% of the service rate SpaceX says it needs the Pentagon to start paying.

“You could say he’s trying to get money from the government or just trying to say ‘I don’t want to be part of this anymore,’” said the person familiar with Ukraine’s requests for Starlink. Given the recent outages and Musk’s reputation for being unpredictable, “Feelings are running really high on the Ukrainian side,” this person said.

[Musks twitter "peace plan"] echoed comments he’d made last month at an exclusive closed-door conference in Aspen, Colorado called “The Weekend,” at which Musk told a room full of attendees that Ukraine should seek peace now because they’ve had recent victories. “This is the time to do it. They don’t want to do it, that’s for sure. But this is the time to do it,” he said, according to a person in the room. “Everyone wants to seek peace when they’re losing but they don’t want to seek peace when they’re winning. For now.”

Biden’s Loose Lips Make the Nuclear Threat Worse | Atlantic

President Joe Biden is right to be concerned about Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threats. ... But by loudly agonizing over the issue in public settings, Biden isn’t helping. ...
The worst way to have a discussion with the American people and the world about the risks that Russia poses is to fret about them — at an elite partisan fundraiser, no less — in ways that are bound to leak out. Instead, Biden should give a national address explaining American interests in preserving an international order where states come to the aid of countries attacked by predators (as President George H. W. Bush did in 1990 after Iraq invaded Kuwait), valorizing the Ukrainians’ courage, laying out why they deserve our help, articulating but not melodramatizing the danger, and preparing the American public for what will be needed if Russia does use nuclear weapons against Ukraine, our European allies, or even the U.S.

The right response to Putin’s nuclear threats is the one that Ukrainians — who are the people likeliest to be victims of Russia’s nuclear use — have already given: This will not change the outcome of the war. That message signals our commitment and diminishes the power of nuclear threats.

As Putin escalates war, some in Russia’s business elite despair | WaPo

As signs of discord within Putin’s inner circle began to surface, Saturday’s humiliating attack on the Kremlin’s prized Kerch Bridge to Crimea seemed the final straw.

“No one is happy with the status quo,” the Russian state official said. “It is clear that a military or political victory will not be possible. But a loss is not possible either. This is turning into the situation in chess known as zugzwang, when each step is worse than the next and yet it is impossible not to move.”

The optimism of the summer when, according to a second state official, many in the country’s elite believed “we’ll turn everything around and find a way” has completely evaporated. “People see there is no future,” he said.

The forced mobilization has already dealt a blow to Putin’s popularity, one of the main bases for his legitimacy as president, and when the dead bodies of reservists begin to return from the front, the situation could worsen, the Moscow businessman said.

Israel’s Arrow 3 Anti-Ballistic Missile System Eyed For New European Air Defense Alliance | The Drive

As Russia continues to pummel Ukrainian cities with missile and drone strikes, defense ministers of 14 NATO countries and Finland agreed to form a common air defense procurement and deployment alliance called the “European Sky Shield Initiative” (ESSI).

The effort, spearheaded by Germany, is designed to create a European air and missile defense system “through the common acquisition of air defense equipment and missiles by European nations,” NATO announced Thursday.

That initiative may seek Israel's Arrow 3 missile defense system and U.S.-made Patriot and German IRIS-T SLM air defense system, among the options, to create a layered integrated air defense system Lambrecht said on Thursday.
Lambrecht said countries were seeking to quickly move on the first deals.

"We will work speedily on the first joint projects, the joint purchase of Patriot units is one of them as well as of the modern system IRIS-T," she told reporters. Earlier this week, Ukraine received the first of four IRIS-T SLM systems promised by Germany.

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AUP Phillinger 11.02.2013
AfD-Vorsitzende Weidel: Es wird ein Wirtschaftskrieg gegen Deutschland geführt

Die Partei- und Bundestagsfraktionsvorsitzende der AfD, Weidel, sieht die Bundesrepublik als Verliererin des russischen Krieges gegen die Ukraine.

Es werde ein – Zitat – „Wirtschaftskrieg gegen Deutschland geführt“, sagte Weidel im Interview der Woche des Deutschlandfunks. Deutschland werde am Ende der große Verlierer sein. Man habe keine kompetenten Regierungsvertreter, die in irgendeiner Form das Problem verstünden oder in der Lage wären, überhaupt die Interessen des Landes zu vertreten, meinte Weidel. Sie forderte Friedensverhandlungen mit Moskau und die Inbetriebnahme der Gaspipeline Nord Stream 2. Was eine Gebietsteilung für die Ukraine und Russland letztendlich bedeute, sei überhaupt nicht unser Thema, sagte die AfD-Vorsitzende.

15.10.2022 12:21:56  Zum letzten Beitrag
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Herr der Lage

AUP Herr der Lage 16.10.2014
‘Coffins Are Already Coming’: The Toll of Russia’s Chaotic Draft | NYT

Newly mobilized recruits are already at the front in Ukraine, a growing chorus of reports says, fighting and dying after only days of training.

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-=Q=- 8-BaLL

-=Q=- 8-BaLL
Sahra Wagenknecht verurteilt russische Angriffe auf zivile Infrastruktur

Berlin (dpo) - Mit scharfen Worten hat Linken-Politikerin Sahra Wagenknecht heute den russischen Machthaber Wladimir Putin für gezielte Angriffe auf zivile Infrastruktur und Zivilisten in der Ukraine kritisiert.

"Herr Putin, diese völlig sinnlose Zerstörung muss sofort aufhören", forderte Wagenknecht. "Sie laden große Schuld auf sich. Durch die Bombardierung sterben nicht nur unschuldige Menschen, es droht auch eine humanitäre Krise riesigen Ausmaßes, wenn Millionen mitten im Winter ohne Strom und Heizung bleiben müssen."

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Spoiler - markieren, um zu lesen:
pUHHHHH.. Was darf Satire.... Hässlon
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Jolly Roger

AUP Jolly Roger 26.07.2021
Zitat von No42

Spoiler - markieren, um zu lesen:
pUHHHHH.. Was darf Satire.... Hässlon

Die Überschrift ist ja schon dermaßen offensichtlich Breites Grinsen
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-=Q=- 8-BaLL

-=Q=- 8-BaLL

Occupied - a film about a family inside of Russia’s occupation of Kherson

On March 1 Dmytro Bahnenko, a journalist in Kherson, southern Ukraine, watched Russian tanks roll down his street. As his world, like many Ukrainians’, turned upside down, he secretly started filming everything around him, sensing history in the making, and sharing the footage with BBC Eye.

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AUP Phillinger 11.02.2013
Empörung über Moskauer Warnung vor „dreckiger Bombe“

Der britische Verteidigungsminister Wallace hat Angaben aus Russland zurückgewiesen, wonach die Ukraine den Einsatz von Bomben mit radioaktivem Material erwägt.


In der Ukraine selbst sagte Außenminister Kuleba, erstens gehöre sein Land dem Atomwaffensperrvertrag an – und zweitens beschuldige Russland häufig Andere für etwas, das es selbst plane.


Vermutlich war das aber v.a. mal in die Welt gesetzt, um zu sehen, wie hoch die Wellen schlagen und weiter die Angst zu schüren.
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Herr der Lage

AUP Herr der Lage 16.10.2014
Ukrainischer Frust über fehlende Panzer | SZ

Die Armee kommt kaum noch voran - und das liegt auch an einem Mangel an Offensivwaffen. Lieferungen aus Deutschland könnten daran etwas ändern.

26.10.2022 1:58:03  Zum letzten Beitrag
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Herr der Lage

AUP Herr der Lage 16.10.2014
"Viele beim FSB halten den Krieg für verloren" | Tagesschau >

Im Machtapparat des Kremls rumort es. Darauf deuten interne Informationen hin. Kontraste und die Deutsche Welle konnten erstmals mit einer Frau sprechen, die für den Inlandsgeheimdienst FSB gearbeitet hat.

Viele im FSB hielten den Krieg mittlerweile für verloren, sagt sie. Als Ärztin habe sie immer wieder unzufriedene Mitarbeiter behandelt, die den Dienst verlassen wollten: "Sie haben gesagt, dass sie müde sind. Man verlässt den FSB nicht einfach so. Es ist eine sehr angesehene Arbeit, die sehr schwer zu bekommen ist. Und wenn dann drei junge Mitarbeiter innerhalb eines Monats den Dienst quittieren, spricht es dafür, dass sie nicht einverstanden sind mit dem System." Dmitriewa glaubt, unter den Geheimdienstlern gehe die Angst um, eines Tages für die Verbrechen im russischen Angriffskrieg zur Rechenschaft gezogen zu werden.

Ein ähnliches Bild zeichnet Wladimir Osetschkin. Der russische Menschenrechtsaktivist und Gründer von gulagu.net, einer NGO, die Missstände in russischen Gefängnissen aufdeckt, hat gute Kontakte zu kritischen Geheimdienstlern. Unter dem Motto "wind of change" hat er seit Beginn des Ukrainekrieges zahlreiche Berichte eines russischen Geheimdienst-Mannes im Internet veröffentlicht, die nach Kontraste-Informationen von westlichen Diensten als authentisch eingeschätzt werden.

"Den Quellen aus dem System nach zu urteilen, glauben sehr viele, dass das, was Putin am 24. Februar begonnen hat, in den Abgrund, in die Katastrophe führe, dass es Putins größter Fehler als Politiker und Staatsoberhaupt sei", sagt Osetschkin, der auch in Frankreich lebt, im Interview mit Kontraste. "Viele im System empfinden das sogar als Verrat. Denn im Laufe von 20 Jahren hat das gesamte System der Sicherheitsbehörden Putin dabei geholfen, an der Macht zu bleiben." Jetzt hätten sie Angst, dass Putin ihren Wohlstand und ihre Sicherheit aufs Spiel setze.

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Herr der Lage

AUP Herr der Lage 16.10.2014
12,000 Russian Troops Were Supposed To Defend Kaliningrad. Then They Went To Ukraine To Die. | Forbes

Six years ago, the Russian navy formed a new army corps whose job it would be to defend Kaliningrad, Russia’s geographically separate outpost on the Baltic Sea between Poland and Lithuania.

This year, when the war in Ukraine began to go badly for Russia, the Kremlin yanked the 11th Army Corps from Kaliningrad and sent it into Ukraine. Where the Ukrainian army quickly destroyed it.

The formation, deployment and destruction of the 11th Army Corps tell a story that’s bigger than the tragic tale of Russia’s war in Ukraine. The corps, sandwiched between two NATO countries along a strategic sea, was supposed to give Russian forces an advantage in a global war.

Instead, it became cannon fodder for a Ukrainian army that, on paper, was weaker than the Russian army was. Now Kaliningrad is all but defenseless, and the threat the oblast’s troops once posed to NATO … has evaporated.

Ukraine Says It Needs More Guns, Shells, and Firepower | FP

“We are requesting new rounds all the time that have longer range and more explosiveness,” said one Ukrainian military official.

Ukraine is pushing the United States to send artillery-launched mines and short-range air defenses that can intercept Iranian-made drones, as ammunition supplies coming from the West continue to dwindle, according to three congressional aides and two Ukrainian officials familiar with the matter.

New app lets civilians help shoot down drones and missiles in Ukraine | Jerusalem Post (17.10.)

Ukraine has created an application for mobile devices that will help air defense units supplement radar information about an air target to better the chances of taking it down, according to Ukraine's Strategic Communications Department.

How the app works

If you see an air target, for example, a cruise missile or a suicide drone, you need to open "ePPO" on your smartphone, select the type of air target, point your smartphone in the direction of the target and press the big red button.

Air defense specialists will see a mark on the map, it will complement the radar information and the threat will be shot down.

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[k44] Obi Wahn

verschmitzt lachen
Spannende Variante von "Recocgnized Air Picture"!
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